This video is just a quick glance at the atomic build and then how to install it! The atomic build that has been the longest running fastest build on both Kodi 17 and Kodi 18! And I mean the fastest and best performing build to wear even if you install it on the device that performs so slow and horrible… It may take you an hour to get the build installed… But even on the worst of Isis, once this Builders installed and once you open it up, it performs like one of the better device has! I remember Eric AKA e-money is a genius when it comes to the Kodi builds… Now below are links you need… Something new I’m doing, the first link is going to be the link on a full tutorial walkthrough and I mean an in-depth walkthrough on how to use the atomic built specifically…

So after you’re done with this video, if you want to learn how to use the build completely… How to add your favorite add-ons or a drone menu options and or change menu options around… Customize and make the build more of your own… Most importantly, tips and tricks on how to play movies and TV shows quicker and easier… Get rid of subtitles, change languages if you get the wrong language and much much more! If you want to learn how to use this build to its best potential, click the following link

For Fire TV devices… Firestick’s, 4K Fire Sticks, Fire TV Edition televisions, firetv boxes and cubes… If you need to know how to install Kodi first so you can follow this video and installed this Atomic build… Click this next link on how to jailbreak and speed up your firestick or Fire TV device… And I mean quickly jailbreak and speed it up to give you access to every APK oh, every Kodi version as well as Misfit mods Kodi Forks which includes the actual Atomic Kodi Fork… So everything you need from One Source in this very very easy to follow along with very quick video tutorial…

Android devices of all kinds… Android boxes, Nvidia Shield, Xbox Ones and more… The same exact video as the link above, just for Android devices instead of Fire TV devices… So click the following link if you have an Android device and you want to quickly jailbreak and speed it up giving you access to every APK and install Kodi… Any version of Kodi you want as well as Kodi Forks… Literally everything you need in a matter of a couple minutes…

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  1. Hi Dennis, man I hope you are one of those guys that read your comments and respond. I have a question and it might sound stupid because I'm fairly new to the firestick. I noticed that you had several builds listed in your ad ons. Are you using an external drive? If so, do you mind sharing what's the capacity of it? Also, do you have a tutorial to show how you can add multiple builds to your firestick or your external hard drive? I really hope to hear from you, so please get back to me

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