Firestick Tricks 2020: The Top 11 Firestick hacks anyone can do for free and easy (βœ… Speed up Firestick, Fix Firestick, Jailbreak Firestick, install APKs, and more).

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πŸ”₯πŸ”₯Top 11 Firestick Tricks for 2020πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

βœ… 1) Watch Movies, Series and Live TV using 3rd party apps:
– How to Install APKTime on Firestick (video):
– How to Install Aptoide TV on Firestick (video):

βœ… 2) Speed up firestick (video:

βœ… 3) Legit TV apps – Pluto, philo, crackle, tubi (video:
– Pluto TV
– Crackle
– Tubi TV

βœ… 4) Fix firestick not working (video:

βœ… 5) Plex – setup a plex server at home or get a seedbox

βœ… 6) App stores – Filelinked, APKTime, Aptoide TV, Downloader (video:

βœ… 7) Control firestick using phone, mouse and/or keyboard
Fire TV Remote app:
Cetusplay remote app:

βœ… 8) Add USB port to Firestick (video:
– Get Firestick OTG USB adapter on Amazon ($8):

βœ… 9) Cast from any device to firestick (including Airplay via mac / iOS) Use “Airscreen” app in my Filelinked code
– Download Airscreen APK:

βœ… 10) Add custom home screen to firestick (appstarter)
Download AppStarter from my Filelinked code
– Download Appstarter APK:

βœ… 11) Launch any chosen app after firestick starts up (onboot appstarter)
Download Onboot Appstarter from my Filelinked code (66575558)
– Download Appstarter APK:

βž• 12) Install Firestick VPN:
– Why you should have started using a VPN a long time ago:
– How to Install Firestick VPN:
– 70% Off Coupon:

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