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  1. Better watch out for smarter. They were out for a week and when they returned, they charged me a late fee. I put in a ticket to resolve that issue and still waiting for a reply and it's been 3weeks. You can't even remove your payment info. Gonna have to change my card

  2. This is why I NEVER EVER buy extremely large & expensive TV's. I buy 32 – 40 " smart TV's that I can move around the house
    interchangeably. I have 2 Roku TV's and I am waiting to replace our very old, main TV with an Android TV.
    My wife wont replace a working TV, so I am considering sabotaging the old TV that refuses to die, some night.
    As much as I like Roku and Firesticks, I want to have as many options as I can have in our house.
    And now that I can search for YouTube videos via the enhanced audio remote control, even with my bad eyesight
    it isn't as important to have a real large screen here on my screened in porch.
    Was it a specific version & build number that Roku used to implement this change ?
    WRZ 2020-06-26
    Delaware County, PA

  3. I'm new Touchtone to your channel and a new 65inch Roku TV owner. Love the TV so far and by me not knowing what IPTV is at my age, I might be good. Thanks for the info.

    PS – I watched the Roku hidden channels video and the Mrs asked can she be apart of this YouTube process. Did that girl power happen yet? Haha

  4. This is the reason why so many cord cutters don’t use rouko device, you can’t do what you want on this devices. The best device on the market
    Is a Nivida shield. You get what you pay for . Rouko Just sucks regardless over all the bull shit hype, they are very limited to what they can do.