US Households Predicted to Have 20 Internet Connected Devices by 2025

internet of things
It’s no surprise that the number of internet-connected devices in a US household continues to increase over time.
Having multiple devices connected to the Internet is also referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).
Parks Associates research found the standard broadband US household today has an average of 12 internet-connected devices.
In a more recent study from Parks Associates, it’s projected by 2025 the average US household will have up to 20 internet-connected devices simultaneously.
This means a 60 percent increase is predicted in just five years!
However, with an increase in Internet-connected devices comes an increase in both security and technical issues, especially when using Wi-Fi.
A research director from Parks Associates stated the following:
“The number of connected devices in the home is increasing just as people are adding strain to the home network with more work-at-home and video streaming activities. Consumers must also recognize the need to secure and optimize their connectivity solutions and value a holistic solution that can deliver on safety and performance.”
You will notice the different technical issues people are experiencing within their households highlighted by the chart below. (Source: Parks Associates)
You will notice the different technical issues people are experiencing within their households highlighted by the chart below.
This large number of internet-connected devices also leaves households extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks, ISP snooping, and more.
And as more people start working from home, I wouldn’t expect hackers to slow down anytime soon.
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Regardless of the VPN service you are using, setting up a VPN through a Router is another reliable method of network protection.
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Overall, it will be very interesting to see what happens in the near future with more and more Internet-connected devices coming to the scene.

What Do You Think?

What do you think about this massive increase in the number of internet-connected devices? Is this better or worse?
How many devices does your household have connected to the Internet?
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