YouTube is the largest video portal in the world and offers an endless number of videos. With the YouTube Kodi addon you can also watch the videos via Kodi. The addon is also required for some other video addons. In this guide, we explain how to install the addon.
NOTE: From now on, videos can only be played with the YouTube Kodi Addon if you create a personal API key and store it in the settings. How exactly that works is explained a little further on this video.

00:16 Installing Youtube addon in Kodi
01:56 Access not configured Error
02:27 Youtube fix on kodi ,plugin api key
03:28 youtube kodi api schlüssel ,personal api key,
03:42 OAuth Configuration
If you haven’t installed Kodi ,you can get it from

Fix Kodi Youtube addon | Create Private Youtube API
YouTube FIX Error | YouTube API Tutorial | How to Get a YouTube API Key
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  1. get error api key not valid. Double checked (had to type it in as I cannot use copy/paste from pc to raspberry pi). Tried again and checked the key on the cloud of google. Restricted the API key as it had a ! in a triangle. Also, when trying again on my raspberry osmc I got message you have to login twice. I then got message to go to and link the device, twice with a different challenge. After that I was able to play some video's. Now I have to find out how to get a proper user interface as I cannot use remote control and have to resort to BT keyboard which is not ideal

  2. Did not work for my "API Key not Valid. Please pass a valid API Key." Kodi error on Amazon Fire Stick I created API keys on Windows 10 Laptop and typed them into Kodi on FIre Stick . I am on Kodi 18 Leia –(my YouTube setting screen is different, have to scroll across top to right to get to API) BRUTAL! Maybe the O is and 0. How did you cut and paste API Keys? Thank you for trying to help. Glad it help others below!