This is just a simple getting it out there video.
They do have a trial run, join their discord to inquire about a TRIAL run!
Discord Link:
Filelinked (code is 91369547)

– ALL Packages Include the following categories (selection will VARY) ● Regional (local) channels ● 24/7 Channels ● NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and PPV Events ● US, UK, CA and La:no Channels + More ● Adult channels (free) upon request

Lucid Package 1975 channels
Nox Package 6000+ channels including Catch-Up
Mojo Package 9600+ channels including Movie Pix UN:
VOD Package 6000+ Movies / 1000+ TV Series UN:

Filelinked (code is 91369547)

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  1. Hey Doc I got a question for you, I downloaded my VPN I didn't go through the windows with USB card I ran 3 test on there and it says I'm secure but yet when I go into the Nvidia Shield general information where network is the IP doesn't change but yet it says it changes when I run a Speedtest on my secure or is it not connected right

  2. Dr. V. Do you have any information on Streamsforus? I have their service but it seems none of their websites is active so I can renew my monthly use with them. Their service is still on line so I am not sure what is going on. Thanks for the info on MV Media IPTV. Will check them out also