TCL Releasing New Android TV Model Television Sets

The popular television set maker TCL is now selling models with built-in Android TV in the US. This is great news for cord-cutters and streamers in the market for a new television set.
TCL is well known for its Roku TV’s that combine the Roku technology directly into the TV itself. This means users don’t have to purchase a Roku device and can still access all apps and features right through the television set.
This same technology will be used to implement the Android TV Operating System into multiple TCL Brand TV’s.
Right now, users can purchase a 32 inch model and a 40 inch model with Android TV built-in. These are currently listed at $129.99 and $199.99 respectively.
One important thing to note regarding the Android TV-powered TCL is that Android TV OS is an open-source system. Unlike the Roku TV Models sold by TCL, Android TV models have the ability to side-load applications not available in the Google Play Store.
This is great for those who prefer to use streaming apps such as Cinema and others for Movies and TV Shows.
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Side-loading will also allow you to install tons of other apps for live tv, development, and much more.
Check out the KODIFIREIPTVAndroid TV Resource Guide for complete detailed information on this software.
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