All You Need to Know about this Useful Streaming Tool

This post will discuss Yidio in full detail. Right on their homepage, Yidio states “All Your Streaming Services in One Place.”
With so many streaming service options to watch these days, Yidio offers the convenience of collating content from almost all leading streaming sources into one centralized location.
It differs from others by acting as a search engine to find free TV Shows and Movies across the internet.
Yidio is included in TROYPOINT’s 30 Best Streaming Sites that you can watch online for free.
Remember to always use a VPN to protect your identity and security when streaming with websites such as these.
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What is Yidio?

Yidio hosts content from other websites and also offers free programs through its original content. It makes searching for new content much easier through its advanced filtering tool and search discoverability feature.
This is made possible through what it calls its “fleet of robots” that monitors streaming services for the latest content.
Users can then make their own watchlist to curate their favorite shows from different streaming services.

Yidio has the following features:

Universal search and discovery to help you find content on many streaming sites

Type in a movie or TV show title and Yidio will generate instant accurate results.
Yidio Universal search and discovery

Personalized recommendations

Yidio provides suggestions such as movies and TV shows of the same genre, director, lead actor, or streaming service provider.
Yidio Personalized recommendations

Personalized watchlist to help you monitor your favorite content

Organize your favorite movies and TV shows.
Yidio Personalized watchlist

Personalized daily reminders to remind you of new releases

Set reminders or a daily digest based on new episodes airing, available online, exclusive clips or latest news stories.
You may also opt to sign up for a weekly newsletter to receive updates on what’s new on TV, or you may turn ON real-time notifications if you’re a Premium subscriber.
Yidio Personalized daily reminders

Price comparison to help compare streaming services’ payment plans

Compare prices of your favorite streaming services.
Yidio Price comparison

App available on iOS, Android, and Kindle devices

Download the app on any smartphone or tablet.
Yidio iOS 1.0

How does Yidio work?

When you select a movie or TV program to watch on the platform, you will be brought directly to the streaming service’s app or website to watch the content.
Take note that if it’s a subscription-based paid service, you will have to provide the necessary login details to access the content.
With regard to Video on Demand services from Google Play, Vudu and iTunes, the price per movie or TV episode applies.

Is it free to sign up on Yidio?

Yes, it’s free to create your own Yidio account. Go to the Sign Up page and use your Facebook account or sign up using your email.
Yidio offers a Premium plan, which you can try for 7 days at no cost.
The Premium service includes ad-free streaming, real-time reminders for content to watch, and priority assistance.

What are the entertainment categories on Yidio?

Yidio categorizes its Movies and TV Shows according to the following:
Trending Now
Popular TV Shows
Popular Movies
TV Schedule for the Day
Free Movies
Just Aired Episodes
Watch Live Free

What devices can I use to watch content?

You may use any of the following:
streaming media players (Firestick and Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV)
smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android or Kindle Fire)
Game consoles (Xbox One and PS4)
Remember that not all streaming services can play content on all devices so you should verify if they are compatible through this link.

How can I organize my favorite movies and TV shows on Yidio?

You can organize your favorite movies and TV shows on Yidio by creating your Watchlist.
Step 1
Click the START A WATCHLIST button.
Step 1 - Yidio - Create a Watchlist
Step 2
You will then be asked to add TV shows and movies to your Watchlist, or you may skip the step if your prefer to do it later.
Step 2 - Yidio - Create a Watchlist
Step 3
Click on any movie or TV show or search for your choice using the Search bar.
Step 3 - Yidio - Create a Watchlist
Step 4
Click the Add to Watchlist button.
Step 4 - Yidio - Create a Watchlist
Step 5
You will then be notified that it has been added to your Watchlist.
Step 6
To view your Watchlist, click MY ACCOUNT > WATCHLIST.
Step 6 - Yidio - Create a Watchlist
Step 6.1 - Yidio - Create a Watchlist

What streaming services are available on Yidio?

The following streaming services are available on Yidio as of this writing:
Monthly Subscription
Amazon Prime Video
Apple TV
Business Rockstars
DC Universe
Disney Plus
History Vault
Lifetime Movie Club
Monsters and Nightmares
Nature Vision
Roku Channel
Warriors & Gangsters
YouTube Premium
Free & Cable
Adult Swim
Animal Planet
BBC America
Come Central
Destination America
Discovery Life
DIY Network
Food Network
Nick Jr.
Paramount Network
Science Channel
Travel Channel
TV Land
Free & Monthly Subscription
Cartoon Network
E! Now
Showtime Anytime
Fandango Now
Google Play

Can I watch free movies and TV shows on Yidio?

Yes, you can filter your movie and TV shows that Yidio offers for free viewing.
For free movies, Yidio has collated films that are part of a free movie catalog on a specific site that may also offer paid subscription.
You may watch free movies using this link.
Yidio Free Movies
For free TV shows, Yidio offers full episodes, clips, highlights, exclusive content and the latest episodes whenever available.
You may watch free TV shows using this link.
Yidio Free TV Shows
At the bottom of the homepage, you’ll also find the Watch Live Free section. This features live TV streaming from Pluto TV.
Yidio Watch Live Free Pluto TV

Is Yidio ad-free?

Similar to other free streaming services, Yidio comes with ads on every video. Longer content will have more ads compared to shorter ones.
The good thing about it, however, is that you won’t be interrupted by too many ads when you’re watching full-length films.

Does Yidio come with a mobile app?

Yes, Yidio can be downloaded on iOS, Android or Kindle.
KODIFIREIPTVhas not found any issues with the app.
Yidio AndroidYidio on Android
Yidio iOS 1.0
Yidio on iOS
To download Yidio on iOS, click here.
To download Yidio on Android, click here.
To download Yidio on Kindle, click here.
Or you may enter your phone number on this link so Yidio can send you a link to download the app (geo-restricted to US users only).

Yidio FAQs

Can I access the same Yidio account on multiple devices simultaneously?

Can I use my Yidio Premium subscription to access paid streaming sites for free?

No, your Yidio Premium subscription is only good for the platform’s additional features.

Does Yidio work with any web browser tool?

How come I cannot access Yidio?

The service is only available in the United States. If you want to access it outside the region, a VPN such as Quad VPN is necessary.

Warning! Protect Yourself With A VPN

Most cord-cutters use a VPN and rightfully so.
The free streaming applications, addons, and paid IPTV services that you use are usually hosted on insecure servers.
Without a VPN, your IP Address is being logged.
Your IP Address points back to your location and identity which compromises both your privacy and security.
Your current IP Address is – When you use a VPN, your real IP address will be converted into an anonymous new one.
A VPN will provide you with an anonymous connection to the Internet.
This will prevent your Internet Service Provider, app/addon developers, government agencies, and any 3rd party from logging what you’re accessing online.
The most popular VPN among cord-cutters is Quad VPN due to their blazing fast speeds and zero log policy.
Its important to use a VPN that is fast since we are streaming large HD files.  Its also crucial to find one that keeps no logs of what their subscribers access while online.
Setting up Quad VPN on your streaming device is simple!
Quad VPN-white.png” alt=”Quad VPN vpn” width=”150″ height=”150″/>
Step 1 Register for an Quad VPN account by clicking the link below.
This exclusive link provides you with a hefty discount, only available to KODIFIREIPTVvisitors like you.
 Register for Quad VPN Account & Enjoy Lifetime Discount at Only $5 Per Month
Step 2 – Hover over the search icon on your Firestick, Fire TV, or Fire TV Cube and type in “Quad VPN”
You may also find the Quad VPN App in the Google Play Store for those of you who are using Android TV Boxes, phones, and tablets.
Click SearchStep 3 – Click the Quad VPN option that appears.
Type in IpvanishStep 4 – Click the Quad VPN icon under Apps & Games.
Click IPVanish logoStep 5 – Click Download.
Click DownloadStep 6 – Click Open.
Click OpenStep 7 – Enter  your username and password to login.  Your username is the email that you used to register for Quad VPN service with and your password is automatically generated and emailed to you.
Click Sign InStep 8 – Click Connect button.
Click ConnectStep 9 – Click OK for Connection request if it appears.
Click OKStep 10 – You will notice that your IP Address changes along with location of connection.  You are now operating anonymously through your device.
Click the Home Button on your remote and the VPN will remain running in the background.
Successful ConnectionCongratulations!  You are now protected by a VPN which means everything that you stream or access through your Firestick or Android TV Box is hidden from the rest of the world.
If you ever need to stop the VPN service, simply re-launch the application and click the DISCONNECT button.

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