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This is Bless Your Heart IPTV in action! Check it out!!









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  1. Seems to be a bit better than Top Dog. Their 24/7 section is the closest to Game Master that I've seen so far. But, I'm having trouble getting any of their 24/7(b) section channels to work. And, that's where my Star Trek: The Next Generation is. I tried downloading VLC player but, the channel still wouldn't work. Then, when I tried downloading MX player, Amazon said it's not available. So, might try to download it from somewhere else later. Bless Your Heart live channels seem to load a lot faster than Top Dog too. They have a very good selection of local channels too. But, after searching their Series section and finding Star Trek: The Next Generation, I was disappointed to see that each season is missing several episodes. They also don't have the Series or 24/7 for another tv show I like (which Game Master had) – The West Wing. I think Hydro has that though.

  2. I just got trial to check out and so far not impressed with this one. Channels that are coming in some have no sound, some play 5 to 10 seconds of show and then just repeats over and over doesn't change. All I can say is bless their heart maybe it will get better as the night goes on.

  3. I've been using this for a week now and like it. At first, none of the 24/7(b) channels were working but, after a few days, they are all working. Might sound a bit geeky of me but, they're one of the few iptv services since Game Master to have a 24/7 channel for Star Trek: The Next Generation. And, they have one of my old favorites…. The Transformers G1 cartoon! The only thing it's missing is the old political tv series – The West Wing. The local channel selection is really good too… actually better than Game Master. I can get both Kalamazoo, Michigan (CBS) and Grand Rapids, Michigan (NBC) as well as all the Detroit channels. I lived in Battle Creek, Michigan for 4.5 years so it's great for keeping up on the news in the area. I now live in Ontario, Canada and was amazed to see that they also have the CTV channel for London, Ontario. My only complaint is…. that they oddly have Adult categories listed in their Movie section. The Adult categories are all empty but, still….. If you have a family and you go to search for a movie, you might see Anal listed next to Action so beware!!!

  4. Game master is out, just payed for another month a few days ago. That just sucks. I tried getting this blessed your heart apk a try but it will not log me in. They sent me login info but the app is saying it's invalid. What's going on?? I thought cablekill research these apk's??

  5. Just subscribe and after taking a couple of weeks and trying about 10 sites, , I had found the best service of them all. I was about to give up as buffering was so annoying and it was never-ending. They would start ok and then buffering. BYH I has not given me 1 headache and you get a lot for $10.