Crazy Boy IPTV Service Review – 12 hour test Line Available!


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  1. I wish to apologize for a comment I made about not receiving a respond from Lazy Boy Tv after paying for service and not getting a reply from them. What I have found out that my internet provider, who also controls my cable BLOCKED their email return to me. I would advise anyone if you have this problem try using a different email address for responding. I feel Lazy Boy TV is a good company and I hope to do business with them in the future.

  2. You can no longer get just live tv. You now have to get VOD as well. You now have to buy their full package which is live tv and VOD. Live tv was $10/month. Now they do not offer the option for just live tv. You now have to take VOD even if you don't want it. So now their packages start at $15/month. Looks like they went down from $20 to $15 for their full package. Too bad. I liked the service. But when I was told I now have to pay for VOD, and that they were not offering just the live tv option anymore that I was subscribed to. Well, I dropped the service. But I got to be honest, I did like the service. It was pretty stable. Nice channel selection. I would still be a subscriber if they still offered the live tv only option. If you want live tv and VOD, this is a good choice for you. There are just too many good free movie apps out there to have to pay for VOD. But that's just me.