This is how you remove a build to get back to Kodi Default.

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  1. I had kodi and I deleted the whole app cuz I had that page u just showed but i can’t figure out how to put in the video and movies it asks for words and other stuff I need to start from a cuz that page I had and when I went to video it would say put in some words or asking me questions that I did not no so if u no how to get it . Like my sister got it from some guy on u tube he took her to step by step and now she can watch any movie or video she wants

  2. Thank you so much dr. Venture. Stay safe you and your family. God bless. Love your videos. Very helpful and so easy. When Machanga was no longer on I found you. I am happy you are easy to understand. Thank you again 🙏🏻❤️😘🇺🇸✌🏻️

  3. Dr. V, I have Kodi 18.5 running the Xanax build which I love. I heard there is a Kodi 18.6. How can I upgrade to 18.6 without losing my Xanax Build, since I use the Favorite functionality and have tons of movies saved to favorites and don't want to lose them?