Change the Kodi widgets for Live TV and a few others things
An Old man’s guide to modifying a Kodi Build (1:43)

FireStick users check him out
You can email me at: [email protected]
Diggz URL
If you need help
Any questions given to me need to include
What device are you using (PC, Stick, Shield, Android box)?
What version Kodi are you using (17.6, 18.4, 18.5, 19 Matrix)?
Are you using a VPN?
Are you using Real-Debrid?
What version Xenon are you using?
What add-on are you having the problem with?
What Movie or TV Show are you trying to get?
And when you shoot a question and need an answer give me awhile to reply.
Please get right back with an answer if I need to have you fill in the blanks.
The Best VPN Review

5 Eyes, 9 Eyes & 14-Eyes Countries and VPN Jurisdiction

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Note I’m not connected to Xenon, Kodi or any builder I’m just a User like the rest of us trying to help with solving some problems and throwing in a few discoveries along the way. If you have any suggestions for future videos.
You can email me at: [email protected]

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  1. Even if you were making tons of money it shouldn't be of any concern to anyone. Personally I think you should. You deserve it. Your videos are some of the best and most informative out there. You have been a huge help to me. I hope you never stop what your doing. I want to thank you personally for all your time and hard work.

  2. Your more tech then myself. It dont take me long to figure things out usually due to the fact I watch informative vids like yours especially. Ppl need to explore there builds especially Diggz cause man him and his crew really put out great content. Very surprised his build is not on top of the list of best Codi builds but maybe he wants it down there to throw off some heat if you know what I mean. Xenon as been my go to for many years now and as long it keeps updating and evolving it will stay this way. Great video Turner and waitting for your next.

  3. Who gives a rat's a– if you make a few bucks, even if you were. I am constantly amazed at people that think that they should be able to watch and learn on these vids, complain about the vid and the producer, and then complain that a guy might find a way to scratch a few pennies while doing it. Come on, people! ok, off my soap box, thanks for the info. I've watched several similar ones of yours, and finally am getting the idea!Peace.

  4. You keep saying you're an old man, I don't know your age , nor is it a concern of mine. The tutorials you put out are much better & more informative than from other people that are younger . The only thing I'm concerned with is that you DON'T STOP making these videos! You have educated me & I have greatly appreciated it. I always look to you for a solution to a problem & have always found the answer by watching one of your videos.
    Thank you!! Keep up the great work & keep the videos coming (you should get paid for them, that's just my opinion.)

  5. Who cares also, you've invested time to do videos for others usage… Well done.. Can you do a video on how the hang change android home screen icons lol the larger ones as I cannot change them, im trying to change my home screen to a nvidea sheild layout, ive tried the tile creators etc but otherwise at a loss… Keep up good work

  6. A friend gave me a firestick and that's all it took. I like it. Started surfing the youtube for help. Found your site! You explain in a way a dummy like me can understand. Thank you for your help and don't worry about the Haters; there just jealous.