Today’s video is broken down into 3 Parts:
1. The Real Reason Nitro TV is being Shutdown
2. A quick demo of Lucky TV
3. The easiest way to install & purchase

Lucky TV is better than Nitro TV for US channels, sports, EPG, and virtually no BUFFERING!

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Make sure you have the device maintenance basics covered. I walk you through them here step by step on this post on my website:

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  1. Hi everyone, IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A VERY RESPONSIBLE PERSON THAT CAN EXPLAIN, AND WALK YOU THROUGH A VERY DIFFICULT "MAYBE FOR YOU INSTALLATION. THIS IS YOUR GUY. He emailed me back with no time. He send me everything I need it. And I was done in less then 30 minutes. Thank you very much

  2. Does this have 24/7 channels and horror films selection like Nitrotv.I got use to that kind of lay out.Not easy to find a iptv service with tons of channels.I will try out this service to see if it compares to Nitrotv.Nitro have a great lay out til they got sued.Elevated Streamz i'm going to try out your serivice for one day.