Welcome back to MBOX Frustrated User Guide. MXQ Upgrade Secrets, Parts 1 and 2 show how to give an old MXQ MBOX up-to-date functionality. Part 3, Android 4.4.2 and Kodi 18 Too, shows how to add AlexELEC with Kodi 18.6 “Leia” to your updated MXQ.

This Revised for YouTube Suitability version differs from the originally published MXQ Upgrade Secrets Part 3 in that:

1. Acknowledgement of (and full credit to) the leading source of ELEC OS information for MXQ has been deleted.
2. Specific product reinforcement has been deleted.
3. Over two minutes of failure avoidance instructions have been deleted.

Hopefully, these changes will please the YouTube censors…

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In a world of fake ads, fake news and fake reviews, let’s hope this series makes a difference. Thanks for watching MBOX Frustrated User Guide. If you’d like to be notified as new episodes become available, please subscribe and please remember to click the bell icon!

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  1. Hi Lawrence, I haven't had a chance to watch this new episode and was jsut going to post on your old part 3 and noticed it is gone. In any event I loaded all the apps on my MXQ as discussed yesterday and that all went great. Using one of my known good Lexar 32gb SDHC cards and following your video, I started LibreElec USB SD creator and selected the AlexElec file and wrote the image, however when done it looks like the computer or the program automatically took my 32g SDHC card and partitioned it to 511mb, titled it AlexElec (and this is on the E drive that the SD is in) and put the rest of the card on a virtual F drive that it titled SDHC and keeps hounding me to format it. I tried the SDHC in my box and it wouldn't boot but it did recognize it in the storage. I redownloaded LibreElec USB creator (from their site) and tried to image it again with the exact same result. Any ideas what is going wrong? Thanks in advance.

  2. Hello thank you for this video clip with very useful information . my android tv box standby mode the router flashing all time is this normal it mean always connection to internet. my tv box is istar s20 4k . I shutdown all other device only tv box wired to router.

  3. Good video Lawrence Pina. interesting just to let you know ive got a couple mxq boxes. one of them is the mxq s805 board with mxq version s805 v1.2 2015/05/20 and v20 version of alexelec seems most reliable on that box. i also have the s805 v2.0 and as you said the v31 version of alexelec is the most reliable verison on that board.. Interesting that i can switch on the box with one remote and then switch off with the other remote – maybe when i got time ill have to mess about with the remote.conf file to see more details

  4. So, today I learned that yet another of my MXQ videos (Making Do With MXQ) has just been censored by YouTube. That causes me to ask, could someone please tell me how and where this video (MXQ Upgrade Secrets Part 3 – Android 4.4.2 and Kodi 18 Too) also violates YouTube's Terms of Service? Where's the sex? Where's the nudity? Where's the profane language? Where's the discussion of health issues and natural remedies? Where's the anti social comment, the political comment, the discussion of guns, knives, weapons, violence? Where's the hate speech? How and in what context could updating an old TV box be considered dangerous? Someone, please tell me, where's the beef?