Streaming Links Guide – How to Choose the Best Links in Kodi and APK’s

Have you ever wondered what all the information means when choosing streaming links?
This is a question we receive often at TROYPOINT, and this guide will help explain what everything means when selecting a link to play.
Using Kodi addons or APK’s such as Cinema is a great way to stream Movies and TV Shows for free. However, it can oftentimes be difficult to decide which link to play after making a content selection.
Most links or sources are accompanied by text and numbers than can be confusing if you don’t know what they mean.
This guide will explain streaming links and help you when deciding which link to play.
If you are a real-debrid user, this is especially helpful as these links are often even more confusing.

Streaming Links – What Does it All Mean?


Most APK’s and Kodi Addons use the source-select option to play Movies and TV Shows. Usually, this is the default setting and the best way to find a source for streaming.
This means that you are provided with multiple links to choose from after making a content section.
When using a Kodi addon or APK for streaming, you are usually presented with a list of links or sources to choose from for viewing. But what are the differences in each link?
When using Kodi, you may be presented with the following screen before links are shown:
scraping for links
This is displayed while Kodi is “scraping” sources or scouring the internet for available streams. As you can see, using real-debrid will provide you with tons of more links than if you do not have this service.
These real-debrid links are considered “Premium” links, while the free ones are deemed “Normal”.
Once the addon has finished scraping providers for links, we are displayed with the following screen:
(In this instance, we are streaming Night of the Living Dead which is considered one of the Best Public Domain Movies by TROYPOINT)
real debrid links
If you scroll all the way to the bottom, we can see all links available if we did not have a real-debrid account:
links without real-debrid
As you can see, using real-debrid is a major advantage for streaming content in both Kodi addons and Streaming APK’s. Real-Debrid provided over 280 links that would not be available without it!
Now that we have a list of links to choose from, how do we know which one to select?
The information provided with each link will help us in determining the best option to play.
Using the instance above, each link can be broken down by the following:
Usually, any link that is a different color (Orange, Yellow, Purple, etc.) are real-debrid or premium links that are higher in quality than free links.
Another giveaway for real-debrid links is the RD at the beginning.
Information next to RD is the video resolution of each link and is very important in making a link selection. Quality options are usually available in 4k, 1080p, 720p, 360p, and SD (Standard Definition).
Currently, 4k is the highest quality stream but will only work if your TV and or streaming device supports 4k HD resolution. If there are no 4k options or you do not have a device that can play 4k links, 1080p is also a great choice.
Typically, the text following the video resolution is the source where the link comes from. This is the website or torrent site that hosts the video file. In the instance below, the link is hosted by TorrentQuest and scraped into Kodi for streaming.
streaming links source
If the file is a torrent file, it usually displays this after the file location as shown below:
torrent file
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you choose to use torrent files for streaming, you must make sure you are also using a VPN. Without one, you are exposing your IP address to on-lookers and more. Be sure to protect yourself with a VPN.
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In the example above, the video resolution is displayed again (1080p) followed by BLURAY/X264. This is the format of the video file.
If you see BLURAY or BDRip/DVDRip/BDRip, these are usually copies of the final released DVD and play in excellent quality.
link quality
Other formats you may see include DVDscr (DVD-Screener) which is a pre-release of the video sent to reviewers and others. This is usually not the greatest quality but oftentimes play in 720p.
CAM is also a popular video file, but these are almost always in terrible quality. These files are typically theater rips that movie pirates acquire by filming the movie in theaters.
If you see x264 within a link option, this is just the software used to convert the link into H.264/MPEG-4 AVC format for streaming.
The last and final number associated with each link is one of the most important. This is the size of the file you will be playing, displayed in GB or MB.
link file size
The size of the file you are able to play usually depends on your internet speed and the quality of the link. For instance, real-debrid users can typically play files larger in size because these links are higher quality and have less traffic.
If you are not a real-debrid user and your internet speed is minimal, you will more than likely need to play files that are 2 GB or less.
The image below presents a general rule of thumb for the speed needed to stream different video resolutions.
NOTE: This image only shows estimates for required download speeds. Other factors will determine the speed needed to stream your preferred content and will vary across different devices, ISP’s, and more.
download speeds for streaming
What is a Good Internet Speed? Everything You Need to Know


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Streaming Links in APK’s

Similar to Kodi, most streaming apps and APK’s also present all information associated with each link after making your content selection.
Currently, the most popular APK for streaming Movies and TV Shows is Cinema APK. Shown below is a screenshot of the links displayed after choosing your film:
cinema apk links
Just like links in Kodi, Cinema scrapes the internet for available links and displays them for you to choose.
Information for each link is the same as for Kodi, however, you may notice a few other details regarding the link that you have not seen before.
If you encounter a link that says [Need resolve] when using real-debrid, this is simply a link that has yet to be resolved. By clicking to play, it will usually take a few seconds and “resolve” the link for streaming.
Cinema does this to limit the server requests and lower download speeds for each user. If you find these links are not playing, we suggest logging out of real-debrid and logging back in. Or,  use the guide below to fix other real-debrid issues.
Real-Debrid Not Working? How To Fix

Other Information Presented with Streaming Links

Sometimes, there is other information provided with certain links when streaming. Especially when using real-debrid within APK’s such as Cinema.
If you encounter a number such as 5.1, 5.1 CH, or 7.1, this is the audio format of the video file.
5.1 audio
5.1 is the common name used for six-channel surround sound. If you use a soundbar or have a home theater surround sound system, these links will provide the best audio for an awesome streaming experience.
7.1 is the name for 8 channel surround sound and provides excellent audio quality if you have the additional 2 speakers in your surround sound system.
7.1 audio
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