Quad VPN Now Cooperative VPN Provider for Real-Debrid

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Quad VPN is now considered a cooperative VPN provider for Real-Debrid.
Quad VPN is the most popular VPN for cord cutters due to their blazing fast download speeds and zero-log policy.
Cord cutters use Quad VPN to protect themselves from their Internet Service Provider, app developers, hackers, and various watchdog groups.  A VPN encrypts their connection to the Internet which allows them to become anonymous and bypass geo-restricted streams and/or sites.
Real-Debrid is an unrestricted download service that allows for buffer-free playback through many popular APKs or addons.
When a person pairs Real-Debrid with a free streaming app or Kodi addon, they receive premium links to choose from that usually don’t buffer.
These two services make the perfect marriage when used together for Firestick & Android TV Box users.
Although Quad VPN has worked with Real-Debrid in the past, it has come with some specific workarounds.

[email protected] VPN is now a cooperative VPN providerhttps://t.co/8OM3BArExX pic.twitter.com/fgu9pkSuKi
— Real-Debrid (@RealDebrid) April 2, 2020

As of this article, the following VPNs are listed as “Cooperative and Non-Cooperative VPN Providers” on the Real-Debrid Website.

Real-Debrid Cooperative VPN Providers

Digibit VPN
Goose VPN
Hidden Router VPN
Perfect Privacy
Private Internet Access
Seed4.Me VPN
Trust.Zone VPN
VPN Secure

Real-Debrid Non-Cooperative VPN Providers

This list is too long to mention but some of the better know services are listed below.
Avast VPN
Norton VPN

How to Setup Quad VPN & Real-Debrid

As of today, the most popular streaming device is the Fire TV Stick (both 2nd Edition and 4K).
The following tutorial will teach you how to install Quad VPN on any Fire TV Stick or Fire TV model.
How to Install Quad VPN on Firestick or Fire TV
Quad VPN can be installed on many devices and the following guide has tutorials for all of them.
Quad VPN Resource Guide
Real-Debrid Setup Video & Screenshot Tutorial can be found via link below.
How to Install & Setup Real-Debrid

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