I’ll show you my review of the SuperBox S1 Pro. Is it worth it? I’ll give you my honest take on it. This Android box has a service included for lifetime IPTV and VOD! No monthly fees or extra charges. Buy the box and that’s it. It’s priced at $299US. There is over 10,000 movies and over 1200 TV series. It has Google Play store included for installing more apps. Everything comes in the box including a fully featured remote, HDMI cable, AC adapter and start guide. See below for special pricing on this box if interested.

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  1. I checked out the IPTV service they provide is actually not BlueTv and they use a service called HuTv i checked out the free trail and yes most of the channels work flawlessly. What they don't tell you is live tv streaming is very low kb/s and you will notices glitches in audio every once in a while. The streams that are live that are at 256kb/s have better picture quality but now the audio is out of sync. I found this to be true on multiple different sources. If you watch movies or tv series you get more like 500kb/s video quality is 720p and no audio issues. Over all they do have allot of the content that is on netflix but keep in mind the quality isn't the same. If you have a television from the 1990's you probably won't notice, but on a modern day 55" or larger tv the picture quality is garbage. The company seems very shady and i don't trust it will be here for much longer. Allot of these chinese products come and go, and they are laughing when they steal your money.

  2. $299.00 seems a bit steep for a 2/16 box. i have a 3/32 T95 with Mobdro,
    USTVHub and Cinema apps that i installed that cost me $40. and i get
    all of the global tv channels plus 24/7 commercial free
    shows,movies,webcams and news and music channels too. it looks great for
    someone who has more dollars to spend than some one on a budget.

  3. While intrigued by the box it’s not a good deal for me either. This box would be for the people who pay $60-$150/month for cable/satellite currently and want to cut the cord. If they got a year out of it it’s basically paid for itself. Someone like me who cut the cord years ago this would actually cost me money and would take 3-5 years to pay for itself. Will it last that long? Probably not

  4. Kevin, this is illegal bootleg stream. It will be blocked sooner or later and you get comped to promote it ?

    Am I missing something ? I dont have to pay for cable ? How long it will last before its blocked ?

    Kevin, will you cover my $299 if it stops working after 6 months ? Credit card dont cover beyond 6 months.

  5. Go to their web site & read the terms of service. Service can be stopped at any time, with no recourse to get anything back. They refer to contributors, which I believe is sources for all of the boot leg channels being streamed with no compensation to the content providers. They refer to no legal actions by purchasers of boxes, and refers to having someone pay their legal fees if needed, Run away from this great deal, as I believe it will be shut down eventually.