Firestick and Fire TV’s Now Have a Dedicated CoronaVirus Tab

Amazon recently announced a new Category on all Fire TV devices dedicated to Coronavirus coverage.
This comes in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, in hopes of getting news to as many people as possible.
Other companies are stepping up as well during this crisis, as Fox recently announced free streaming of all of its news outlets.
This category or “row” on Amazon Firesticks and Fire TV’s contains Public Service Announcements from the CDC. These are important topics that can help save lives.
You can find these announcements on the home-screen of the any Amazon Fire TV device under the News row (which also has free continuing coverage).
Some of the subjects covered in these PSA’s include Social Distancing, the 15 Day rule, COVID-19 Testing, and more. This will stay updated with news and topics as the crisis continues.
Each video is suitable for viewers of all ages and play in a minute or less.
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