Original naatu kodi pillalu||puri kodi ||Yuvarythu Abhishek


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  1. Abhishek pl. Note and advise ur member not to partispate in bogus contests.
    To run a contest they should have a farm of their own and have their own blood line, he should not buy his stocks from other and claim it is his breed or stock.
    Rules of the contest as to be declared or given in writing before starting of the contest, and no family members and friends are allowed to partispate in the contest, minimum two out side farm people to be there as judges, and they have to fallowed 100% rules. Points of wining to be declared and to be given in writing to partispants and judge's. Other wise it will be considered as bogus contest. Which are being run by many people these days. One man show and 2 no. contests will face legal action. such contest are cheating the people and get cheap publicity and popularity.