Worldwide Pandemic (COVID-19) Creates a Boost in Internet Usage

This worldwide coronavirus pandemic has been a crazy, unpredictable situation to say the least.
Millions of individuals are being asked to participate in “social distancing” by government authorities in an act to reduce the spread of this virus, which means staying indoors.
Therefore, many more people are working from home, while also looking for ways to stay entertained within the household.
As a result, these changes in daily life are resulting in patterns of increased Internet usage across the globe. And the use of streaming services for Movies, TV Shows, and Live TV has increased dramatically.
A report from Cloudflare found the following data regarding internet usage:
Internet traffic in Seattle was up 40% in the first week of March compared to previous weeks
Internet traffic in northern Italy has risen by more than 30% compared to earlier this year
Real-Debrid, a premium streaming service, also commented on the situation through social media:

Corona virus has an impact on the traffic we have on our service but also peering capabilities of many ISPs, we had a traffic spike yesterday night (new record), we expect to get this amount of traffic for quite some time but, for now, we still have enough capabilities.
— Real-Debrid (@RealDebrid) March 15, 2020

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caronavirus creates boost in internet usage

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