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  1. Im in texas on spectrum 400 mbps no throttle ,i have nitro an have been watching flawlessly ,i have nitro running ,my wife working remotely from her desktop an both of my kids playing ps4 all at the same time with no problems ,just reporting in on my personal situation ,that doesnt mean it isnt happening ,im just saying in my case its not,hope ur safe an your fam is in good health ,

  2. I remember SET TV saying the same about its service literally days before it got shut down. Notice how Touchtone saids get a hold of your resellers? he never said this in any of his prior videos where he promoted Nitro. He knows Nitro is going to shut and he is trying to capitalize as much as possible before it does. Lets not forget that this is the same guy who teamed up a few years back with Soloman to sell kodi magazines to their subscribers that they never sent out but collected the money. I have been reselling iptv since the early days of kodi and I was even a set tv reseller. Trust me do not buy nitro tv because it will shut down. Touchtone and Youtubers like him and his buddy itruststreams do not have your best interest at heart. They are about capitalizing and if that means scamming you out of your money then they will do just that. be smart guys. Learn to take whatever this idiot saids in his video with a grain of salt. once a scammer always a scammer