$10.00 IPTV vs $20.00 IPTV – Best IPTV service for the Price

Cobra Hosting ($10.00 per month)


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ProgoTV ($20.00 per month)
USA, Canada, Latino, and International


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Full Review of PROGOTV –

Please see any of my other videos to find out what services are best for you if Cobra and ProgoTV are not what you are looking for.

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  1. I've had both pro go and cobra and I prefer cobra but cobra doesn't always give you The right channel. It's always a crap shoot on Nat geo wild the weather channel and Motor trend. Even on the locals I've been watching the local Cleveland news then all of a sudden It changes to a channel from South Carolina, And doesn't switch back. I have this problem also with next level IPTV. It's very frustrating and you get tired of complaining to them about it But what should you do put up with it continuously or keep looking for 1 that works properly.

  2. Progo is fine I've had them for 3 months but my only issue with them is
    No 24/7 contact I dont have time to email you if I need something dont right away
    You can not always buy the 30 day trial because it's only available monday – friday
    And I believe it's only available when they put it up there because last friday at 6pm eastern time I was trying to buy the 30 days and it wasnt available
    If you want progotv best bet is to buy your terms in 1 big payment then waiting until your contract expires

    There great for ppv and there 24/7 shows are better then beastmode or da streamz but streams get dropped and picked up anytime
    Plus progotv has anime I purchased it for live tv but the other categories are better to view
    Currently I'm using da streams for 7 a month its reliable but it's starting to act up
    Sorry for the long read