Cerberus IPTV Service Review – 8,000 Channels with Multiple backup options available!



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  1. I paid my 3 day trial with Paypal no issues. The only disappointing thing was apk link was dead for latest version. Had to download last year's apk ( Alpha) to get it to work. This service buffers like crazy and the picture quality on most channels suck. I only tried it out for the adult channels to be honest with you. This is only service I know of that has 3 Gay adult channels. Sucks they buffer so much.

  2. Hi guys, overall *I cannot recommend this service at all*. To date I haven't received an answer to my question (03/08/20) about the url, how to stream on Smart TV, etc. They have sent me username & password but it's worthless without the info above. Maybe I lost $ 3.50 but I'll see what I can do to get a refund. Hands off!

  3. Absolutely the worst IPTV providers I've ever dealt with. Half the channels don't work, took a week and a PayPal dispute to ask what problem was. Once I told him the PayPal grievance was in, he blew me off and cut service. Escalated to claim. Not only will I get my money back, they'll be banned from PayPal. Liars!!!

  4. Why does this guy continue to promote shit like this when there is clearly a number of significant issues. Someone bitching about not liking it is one thing but multiple people saying it gets kicked back as fraud from PayPal as well as a number of folks getting no response. Two people complaining doesn't get you I'm trouble with PayPal. I could pur stock in one of these "reviews" if they were in fact an actual review. When it really is a third party reporting and what a service claims to offer. There's never even going to talk about quality and consistency of streams. It's not a big enough difference in available content do make one of these for every provider without going into more detail to make it useful.