Major Cable Provider Comcast Attempts to Stop New à la carte TV Law

It was recently announced that one of the largest cable companies in the country, Comcast, is attempting to put an end to a new “à la carte TV” law passed in Maine.
This new law requires cable providers to offer an à la carte TV option for customers. The law states “a cable system operator shall offer subscribers the option of purchasing access to cable channels, or programs on cable channels, individually.”
In other words, this new law would allow customers in Maine to choose only the cable channels they want, rather than being forced to pay for prepackaged bundles.
According to the Central Maine, one of Comcast’s lawyers in the case claimed that the law “seeks to alter, fundamentally, the way cable service is provided. It would upend the economics of this industry.”
Comcast is clearly making a hard push to stop this, as this case is a reflection of corporate control trying to overrule consumer demands.
If this law is upheld, Maine would become the first state in the U.S. that allows an à la carte option for cable. This is huge for the industry.

Why This is Important

Yet again we see another story of a huge cable company refusing to change their business model, and pursue legal action instead of adapting to the changing customer demands.
We frequently see comments on the KODIFIREIPTVsite from visitors explaining how tired they are of paying these ridiculous prices for cable/satellite packages.
When will big cable companies get rid of their cable/satellite packages that are filled with hundreds of channels that are never viewed, yet we are paying for them!
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Best Cable Alternatives

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What do you think of this news regarding Comcast trying to stop an à la carte TV law? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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