AMAZING! what a unique and awesome guy! hope you enjoyed.

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  1. My father was a blind country singer who played the drums and sing did that for 60 years I love stuff like this Kodi Lee is absolutely amazing and I'm a first-time viewer of these reaction videos I don't really like them but yours I have to say is the most down-to-earth honest reaction I've ever seen thank you for being who you are we need more people on this planet like you

  2. Good for you removing the haters, definitely don't need them. This man is an amazing man, and there is a video about him going around the internet that explains a little more about him. A psychiatrist said that he does fall into the area of a music savant, and also has perfect pitch, a very very small part of the population has this. I love that he has come out and performed and shown that everyone matters. No matter what barriers you have or challenges you have, you can still persevere. Thank you for posting about him and your reaction. For your own self, you may also like to look up the blind Tom Sullivan (in his late 50's by now I think, maybe 60's) also a musician among other things. It would be wonderful if Kodi won it.

  3. I cried…Watching his mother. How proud she is for him. She is strong even through the tears. She knows what he wants and needs without him saying a word. She sees the light, she sees the love, she sees the true HIM. She is his cheerleader, his supporter, his friend. He is her everything. Always.
    From one mother to another
    WOW can he sing. His voice,

  4. Aside from his savant musical capabilities (both keyboard AND voice) and upbeat spirit, the coolest part is that as an autistic person, he is functional ENOUGH. And then I saw him on youtube doing a podcast where he's reading the comments in braille out loud, then playing his fans' requests. Crazy shit. It's fun passing his youtube videos around. Great reaction, Deadgrl. Made me a little weepy as well.