Never heard an audience so quiet and captivated before on AGT! Kodi Lee is such a unique singer. From what we can tell, he’s able to adapt to sing just about anything. And for a song like this, you gotta really know how to connect with your audience. How does he do it?

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  1. In Kodi Lee's first audition his mom said that Kodi's tested condition revealed he has no sense of emotions, so 'nerves' wouldnt be a part of his performance, because nerves would be coming from emotion … of fear.
    However when he sings he can completely imitate the whole essence of the song to a fault.
    He is a savant. That very "nerve" like sound is his vibrato so exquisitely feather-like. For example, when he sings the word "waters", u can hear the water-like element in the sound.
    He is just simply amAzing!💖

  2. Kodi was so brilliant again. I get more and more surprised because you forget how affected he is by his autism, and it's very much so, so you're left wondering how is this even possible. He's so organic with his delivery of the music. It's not perfect but it simply works and for me that's much more interesting then a performance that is so focused on perfection however here the flood gates of Kodi's soul are opened and this makes for one very unique and special moment