IPTV Service – Sapphire Secure – Review – 50% Off Promo Code!

Service starts at $2.50 per month with promo code applied!

Website: www.sapphiresecure.net


50% off Promo Code: BigCiga4

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  1. I had problems. They didnt give me the discount. Then I had problems logging in with the log in info they had given me. I went threw there support. Sent them 7 responses that everytime I tried to log in. It said, account invalid or expired. Support didnt believe me and had me send them a video of my log in. I cancelled my prescription and got my refund back. Not for me. So I'm useing NvisionTv.

  2. For someone who doesn't have an IPTV Service at all this is an awesome deal. For someone who does it's a great backup. How can you beat $2.50 for the month? I can't believe there are still people complaining about it. The promo code works fine you just have to enter it and activate it like it says! I guess that is too tough for some people to do but it's sure as heck easy enough for them to complain about it even though it's by there own error! Thanks BigCiga4 and Sapphire Secure! Great stuff!